How to Buy The Most Suitable Office Chair For You Online

cheap office chairsLooking for the perfect office chair? In buying one, you’d be inclined to test it out and would love to get comfortable sitting on it. However, with today’s hectic work schedules day or night, plotting a trip to the furniture shop isn’t that easy.

If you know what to look for, you can very well take advantage of online convenience to have your new chair delivered straight to your doorstep! An office chair sophisticated enough to make you feel like a boss, while giving you optimal health and all the comforts you deserve. Here’s your ultimate guide to selecting the right chair that meets your needs and work environment.

Ready to Shop Online for Your New Office Chair?


Here are important factors to consider in order to buy the most suitable office chair for you online:


Type of Material Used


Determining the best chair material is pretty much like choosing the type of fabric we wear. Office chairs with fabric seating are easier to clean and maintain.

Breathable seat material is definitely a better choice over plastic or synthetic, which most basic office chairs are made of. Mesh fabric is far more comfortable if you’re prone to perspiring. It’s not just for breathability, but also aids in regulating body temperature and evenly distributing your weight. Substantial padding and cushioning is gauged upon your body type, weight and the manner you sit such that you don’t feel the frame of the chair.

Leather is a great option when it comes to comfort and aesthetics. It’s got a hard-wearing and luxurious finish, but the exquisite material typically comes at a higher online price. Moreover, it’s not ideal for sitting over extended periods of time, especially when there’s lack of climate control in the office.


Ergonomic Design


Did you know? The average office worker sits roughly about 40 hours per week. On average, 85,500 hours or a whopping 9 years are spent sitting on a chair over the course of your career! If you need to sit a lot, then ergonomics is what matters most. Your chair needs to be comfortable and adjustable to fit your body perfectly and fulfill the purpose it serves.

An ergonomically-designed chair holds the following features:

Lumbar Support – A good office chair enables you to sit in a balanced position for hours. It effectively supports the lower back and evokes good posture with little muscular effort. The chair contours inward to the natural S-shape of the spine to minimize stress, prevent slouching, and reduce the likelihood of developing the debilitating condition called sciatica.

Recline Ability – This natural glide mechanism reduces pressure on the spine, with much of the body’s weight focused on the back of the chair, where it should be. Reclining lets you relax a bit while still seeing your work, and able to reach your keyboard without straining your arms or shoulders.

Tilt Adjustment – Changing the tilt is an added benefit, allowing more room for the body to move to keep you from staying in the same position for too many unhealthy hours. Mobility while sitting correctly promotes oxygen circulation throughout muscle groups and increased blood flow towards the brain.

Armrests – When present, armrests keep your arms at rest and your shoulders relaxed.

Chair Height – The height of your office chair corresponds to your desk’s. Pneumatic adjustable levers are easy to operate. A proper adjustment of at least 16 up to 21 inches from the ground entails your feet flat on the floor or foot rest, with thighs parallel to ground as well as your arms to the work surface. Too low puts pressure on the sitting bones, and too high will put too much pressure on the sensitive behind-the-knee area.

Headrest – People who need extra head or neck support, and those with back problems, will find good use with a headrest.

Seat Depth – The best office chairs found online have seats that can be adjusted forward and backward for more comfort, and less of the back strain and pain. Ideally, the seat is long enough for you to have your back against the backrest, and still have a few inches from the knee joints to the seat of the chair. As a general rule, there must be at least 3-4 fingers’ distance from the back of your knees and the chair’s front edge to maintain good blood circulation.

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Stationary VS Rolling Office Chair


If you usually sit at the middle of your desk, and touching the furthest corner makes you reach across, then you definitely need a chair with wheels. Being able to roll contributes to working efficiently as you glide your way around your workspace, wherever you need to go. Scout for an office chair online with a solid wheelbase that will seamlessly move over your office flooring.

Hard wheel castors such as nylon glide smoothly on carpet and solid surfaces, while soft wheel castors such as polyurethane (PU) are ideal for hardwood floor types without damaging its surface. If necessary, lay down a plastic mat to improve your office chair’s mobility over carpet flooring. Chairs with a 5-wheeled base exhibit more stability than one with a 3-wheel base.

The ability to swivel is as important as rolling. Overextending only leads to arm fatigue and muscle stress. A chair that swivels provides easy access to various areas of your desk. Excellent 360-degree maneuverability lessens the risk of twisting or injuring your back.


Office Chair Cost

Everyone wants to get value for their money, and not everyone will put a big budget for an office chair. Getting the least expensive desk chair online is like gambling with your health! On the other hand, the prettiest and most expensive, even award-winning models may not be the right chair for you.

Looks aren’t everything. Make a wise investment by taking time to read each potential chair’s features and specifications. Today’s advanced seat mechanisms offer impressive flexibility. It’s certain you’ll come across your best match at a price you deem is reasonable enough.

An office chair built on quality standards will not just save you from bad backs and hips! Ending up with the most suitable chair for you does wonders when combined with good posture and regular movement. It’ll help you maintain focus and put you in a better mood. You’ll become more productive by keeping you comfortable and pain-free. Flexible sitting lets you work longer without feeling tired, rather refreshed and energized throughout the day. You’ll be filing fewer sick leaves and with better health, you can constantly give your best performance at work.

Now that you are equipped with firsthand knowledge on how to buy an office chair online, you can be confident to find that one chair that works for you!

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How to select a good ergonomic chair in Singapore

Before anything else, watch this 2-minute video to see most mistakes we make when working with laptop and desktop:

Now, to select a good ergonomic office char, first, you need to make sure that the chair height can be adjusted so that you are seeing straight to your laptop instead of head bending down.

Second, the chair should provide you with a headrest that so that you won’t be straining your neck over time.

Third, select a chair that gives you sturdy lower back support, your lower is the most vulnerable part when it is in a bad shape for prolong time especially now more and more professionals are desk-bound.

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